Commission Information

Finding somebody to do a custom piece of artwork can be a fun, but daunting process. I believe it should be a lot more fun than daunting so I have outlined the process here for you to make things a little easier! 


Whether it be a portrait of a pet or loved one, something you have dreamt up in your imagination, or your favourite car, I would love to help you turn it into a piece of art that you will love for many years.


The Process


Lets say, for example, you have been thinking that you would love a portrait of your dog


  1) Start off by having a look through my pricing and gallery page


If you have a rough idea of the style and size you want, the prices will give you an idea of cost


  2) Email me your ideas and we can discuss what you are after


If you have a solid idea of what you want, great, but if you don't, that is no problem either. We can look at what medium, style and size will best suit what you are after.


We may decide, for example, that the portrait of your dog would look best done in the style of realism, using colour pencil, and on A3 sized paper


   3) Then comes the photo


This is the most important part of being able to create for you an amazing piece of art that you will love!   


A high quality photo gives me the ability to see all the detail I need to create a high quality piece for you.   


Ok so we have now sorted the photo out, we have decided on the style, medium and size, and I can give you a solid price and time frame


   4) Confirmation


I will send you an email confirming the commission, price and completion date

   5) A small, $50 deposit is paid


This is required to secure the commission in my calendar :) Payment Via paypal or bank deposit


   6) The commission is started!


Commission is started on the agreed date


   7) Progress


I communicate with you how things are going and send you a progress updates if desired


   8) I send you a picture of the final product


When you are happy with it:


   9) The balance is paid


Payment either by bank deposit or paypal


   10) I send you your custom art work (worldwide!) or you pick it up