Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. I am a realism artist from New Zealand that specializes in highly detailed, realistic portrayals of people and animals. I work from photos, and pride myself in being able to capture not only the detail, but the essence of the subject I am working with. I feel very lucky to be able to use this talent to create artwork that people will love and cherish fo many years.


While most of my original and commission work centres around animal and people portraits, I am happy to do custom work also. Basically, if you have a high quality photo of something you would love to turn into a piece of art, or even something from your imagination, I would love to help!


pet portrait artist nz
Wildlife artist nz

My mediums of choice are graphite, coloured pencils and airbrush. Each of these brings their own feel and vibe to a piece of art work meaning I can cover a range of portrayals within the realism genre. All work is completed using professional grade supplies.


As well as my commission work, I also have original artworks and prints for sale, these consist of some of my own favourite wildlife, if you are interested in these you can check them out here


Thank you very much for visiting my site, if you would like to see more of my art check out my gallery and visit my other social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter



Checkout my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for current works in progress as well as other art related talk!
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Johnnie Daley Art - Realism artist - Portrait Artist - Wildlife artist - Pet Portrait Artist 


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